Landing to spiral staircase

Square landings/Intermediate landings

Square landings are designed as a 90° level with a radius or as a final step as standard. Different designs are made according to the customer’s needs. Even intermediate landings can be used.

NOTE! When selecting the size of the landings, it is important to consider the headroom.

Square landing

Standard square landing for placing in corners or fixing to stair well edge.

Standard square landing

Landing with radius

90° landing with radius suitable for fixing to circular stair well edge.

Landing with radius

Terminal tread

Terminal tread for fixing to an existing stair well edge.

Terminal tread

Alternative landings


Any design of square landing can be made to order. The square landing can also be extended to a platform/balcony.


Balconies are manufactured to the required size and are equipped with the necessary railings and stays. If the landings are very large, they are made in sections to facilitate assembly.

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