Spiral Staircases

Weland spiral staircases are manufactured with treads of grating or checkered plate. Safety nosing is included on all grating treads and platforms. The staircases are suitable for access to and egress from all types of areas. Applications include maintenance platforms, storage mezzanines, silos, water towers, theater catwalks, observation decks and pump stations.

Helical Staircases

Helical staircases with stringers are manufactured on request, having the same choice of treads and balustrades as spiral staircases. The staircases can for instance follow the outside or inside of a silo. Radius, tread width and other data are in principle optional.

Weland AB is a family-owned manufacturing company. Our main office and plat is located in Smålandsstenar, Sweden. Since our founding in 1947 Weland AB has grown considerably. Our original objective, though remains: to be flexible and offer the same service to all our customers no matter how big or small.

At Smålandsstenar we employ approx. 200 people, and our plant comprises over 500,000 square feet. Here we manufacture pressure welded grating, since the 1960s the backbone of Weland´s business. Apart from that we also manufacture spiral staircases for indoor and outdoor applications, straight staircases, railings and other metal products. In recent years laser cutting and other manufacturing methods for sub-contracting work have considerably contributed to our business.

HIDEK Supply, our US representative, has been selling Weland Spiral Staircases since 1995. Their staff is knowledgeable and well-equipped to advise how we can address your needs.

US distributor

HIDEK Supply
3309 Brookrun Drive
NC 27282

Phone. (336) 855-7279
E-mail: hideksupply@triadbiz.rr.com
Website: www.hidek.com

Head office

Weland AB
Malmgatan 34
Box 503
SE-333 28 Smålandsstenar

Phone: +46 (0)371 344 00
Website: www.weland.se